Mathematical Links

General links

A nice general site Wolfram Mathworld as usefull as Wikipedia.
Fourier Transforms FFTW

Videos, Courses and lectures

Mathematical Lectures at ENS (Paris): Diffusions des savoirs
A Convex Optimization course by Stephen P. Boyd
Lectures on Machine Learning
Feeling the fourth dimension with a movie: www.dimensions-math.org

Art and mathematics

Geometric Sculptures by Bathsheba Grossman
Geometric Sculptures by George Hart and explanation on Rapid Prototyping
Mathematics through history Electronic Journal for History of Probability and Statistics

Latex: writting mathematics

Latex and Bibtex references Nicolas Markey and especially its Tame the BeaST


Interesting generalist blog: Freakonometrics
Visualisation and Statistics: Gapminder and Worldmapper

Machine Learning

Python package: scikit-learn