Software Links


Ubuntu project, for those still not convinced by Open Source operating systems, have a try before judging, check the website: Ubuntu.


I recommend particularly Sublime and Latexing. Note also that Kile is very useful Integrated LaTeX Environment (for Linux), especially thanks to auto-completion when associated with projects. Kile. One can also associate Kbibtex to handle bibliography Kbibtex.


Bored with the log system of Latex? Feed up with converting eps to pdf (and backward)? Need to clean project before commit in a control version system (like SVN or GIT). Then, I highly recommend using Moosetex. Any Linux/Mac user might benefit from that. Sorry for Windows users.


Scikit-Learn is a python toolbox dedicated to machine learning. I have adopted it since I started working with python.

HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.

Learning a bit of CSS for good web design: