Current supervision

Ph.D. students

Simon Amar 2017-?
Jérôme-Alexis Chevalier co-advised by Bertrand Thirion : 2017-?
Mathurin Massias co-advised by Alexandre Gramfort : 2016-?
Evgenii Chzhen co-advised by Mohamed Hebiri : 2016-?
Eugene Ndiaye co-advised by Olivier Fercoq : 2015-?


Jair Montoya-Martínez co-advised by Olivier Fercoq : 2016-17


Former supervision

Ph.D. students

Jean Lafond co-advised by Éric Moulines : 2013-2016
Igor Colin co-advised by Stéphan Clémençon and founded by Streamwide : 2013-2016



Simon Amar (2017)
Jérôme-Alexis Chevalier (2017)
Antonin Penon : 2016
Evgenii Chzhen: 2016
Eugene Ndiaye : 2015
Jean Lafond : 2013

Ph.D. dissertation reviewer

Lucio Azzari, advised by Alessandro Foi, 2016

Ph.D. dissertation committee

Cecilia Aguerrebere co-advised by Yann Gousseau and Julie Delon. Defense: May 2014 Guillaume Tartavel co-advised by Yann Gousseau et Gabriel Peyré. Defense: April 2015

Quals committee

Victor Bisot, co-advised by Slim Essid and by Gaël Richard

Tools for starting in research

Under construction