Teaching 2012/2013



Links to work with R :
R with Statistiques by Vincent Zoonekynd (fr/en)
freakonometrics by Arthur Charpentier(fr/en)

Hands-on components and useful documents:
TP_intro_R: Introduction, reminder and logistic regression
TP_intro_R.pdf, TP_intro_R.R, simpleRegAPI.R, loisAPI.R

TP_classif_basics: Supervised classification
TP_classif_basics.pdf, TP_classif_basics.R, perceptron_evolution.R,

TP_classif_arbres: Classification with tree (CART)
TP_classif_arbres.pdf, TP_classif_arbres.R, tree.pdf

TP_Boosting_Bagging: Aggregation and selection for Boosting/Bagging
TP_Boosting_Bagging.pdf, TP_Boosting_Bagging.R,

TP_text_mining: Text mining
TP_text_mining.pdf, TP_text_mining.R, rt-polarity_clean.neg, rt-polarity_clean.pos

The others people teaching MDI343 are:
S. Clémençon
E. Likforman-Sulem
A. Gramfort
S. Essid

Those practical works are inspired by documents written by A. Garivier .

M2MO : Statistical Learning

Niveau Master 2

Documents for this course might be found on S. Clémençon 's webpage.

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