HMMA238 - Programmation et bonnes pratiques (2018-2019)

This is an undergraduate course (in French!) introducing scientific computing and modern software practices. The new website for this course is here:

We will discover some component of the Python scientific ecosystem

Python scientific ecosystem


version 2018-2019


Introduction à Python, version 2018-2019 (en cours de rédaction)

Cours: notebooks

1-Intro-Python.ipynb, 1-Intro-Python.html,

2-Numpy-Matplotlib.ipynb, 2-Numpy-Matplotlib.html

3-Scipy.ipynb, 3-Scipy.html

4-Pandas.ipynb, 4-Pandas.html

5-Statsmodels.ipynb, 5-Statsmodels.html

6-TempsMemoire.ipynb, force.css, force.html, force.js, force.json, 6-TempsMemoire.html

7-Numba.ipynb, 7-Numba.html


Exemple de projet LaTeX:

Plus d'information et quelques sources de données: