Tips for young researchers on work organization

Personal visualization and math art

  • Tweets: math art etc.: this includes LaTeX templates/tips, Inkscape first steps, bibliographic help, etc.

Splines Python scientific ecosystem Penrose Triangle Penrose Triangle Penrose Triangle

Islamic Art Islamic Art Islamic Art: Lotfallah Mosk Islamic Art: Lotfallah Mosk Ten Star

  • Studio Ibbini: traversing analog and digital to create works of extreme intricacy and precision, pushing the boundaries of materials in unusual ways. They reference historical pattern and ornament with a contemporary interpretation.

Conferences / Workshop organized


  • Moosetex: Bored with the log system of Latex? Feed up with converting eps to pdf (and backward)? Need to clean project before commit in a control version system (like SVN or GIT). Then, I highly recommend using Moosetex. Any Linux/Mac user might benefit from it.

  • TeXtip

  • Bibtex: Tame the BeaST by Nicolas Markey

  • I used to enjoy Sublime and Latexing though I have now switched to Visual Studio Code for Python and TeX.


Time zones

Videos, courses, and lectures about mathematics

Art and mathematics





  • Pl@ntnet: Pl@ntnet is a citizen science project available as an app that helps you identify plants thanks to your pictures. .
  • open-sciences-participatives: "OPEN", le portail qui permet à tous de participer à l'observation de la biodiversité