NEWS: Faster version for NLPCA (Matlab code): NLPCA_v2_code.ZIP and NLPCA_hyperspectral_v2_code.ZIP thanks to Anthony Wang, Albert Oh and Zachary Harmany , Charles-Alban Deledalle, and Rebecca Willett.

This web site is a collaborative effort to provides usefull Matlab codes for any user interested in statistics and in signal processing. The method are described in details in the different section of this site, with a demo of the code. All codes projects are compressed, and can be downloaded in a .ZIP file available in this page or in the Download section. In each ZIP file, a README.txt is provided, explaining the way to get the results associated to each project/paper.

Statistical Aggregation

Image denoising: Non-Local Means

Image denoising: PCA based methods

Image denoising: Neighborood filters

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